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A Skilled Civil Law Attorney

Medical Negligence

If a Doctor injures you or fails to provide treatment according to the standard of care while performing his duties, you may be eligible for compensation.  A civil case allows you to sue another party for damages. A judge or jury examines the evidence brought before them and decides whether the defendant should be held legally responsible for injuries that you have sustained. However, without a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you may receive only a fraction of what you deserve.
​By hiring an expert attorney from the Kanehl Law Firm, you will be awarded with what you deserve. Our attorneys have specialized Knowledge about Oklahoma's negligence laws.  We will use this expertise to help you obtain a fair settlement or verdict while you focus on recovery.

Car Accidents

It is important to remember that you do not have to give the other party’s insurance company a recorded statement. Be sure to consult with an attorney before speaking to an insurance adjuster. Doing so will save you from making statements that may damage your case.

Injuries From Defective Products 

Our attorneys can help you find the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and offset the losses, including lost wages that result from your personal injury. The process of determining financial liability is complex, so let us help you every step of the way.

Wrongful Death

If a loved one has tragically died in a wrongful death accident, the trauma is painful enough without having to worry about legal issues. Get the compensation that is owed to your family. The first step is hiring The Kanehl Law Firm to do the work for you.

Easy to Begin

Civil cases are complex and differ greatly depending on the circumstances of each case. Having the support of specialized attorneys from The Kanehl Law Firm can be extremely beneficial to the outcome of your case. Call us today to speak directly with an attorney for a free consultation.