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An Aggresive Family Law Attorney 


The Kanehl Law Firm works hard, so you can obtain the best outcome.  We strive to save you money by doing this as early in the proceedings as possible. However, if court appearances are required, we will zealously represent you before the judge. Your future is worth getting professional legal representation that will fight for you. Avoid mistakes that could affect you for the rest of your life by hiring The Kanehl Law Firm today.

Custody Dispute

Child custody proceedings can be difficult to fight on your own. There is nothing more important than your children’s future. The Court requires that it is in the best interest of the child for the parent to have custody. The Kanehl Law Firm will advocate to remove any doubts that the Court or your significant other may have against you.


Guardianships for minors are often needed in emergency situations. The legal proceedings requires documents and the possibility of arguing why a guardinship is needed. Our attorneys can help you from preventing the child from getting lost in DHS custody if the guardianship is timely filed. 

Guardianship Termination

Legal guardianship can be ended once it is no longer necessary. Additionally, modifications or terminations can be made if there are complaints or abuse involved. We can help your loved one get the care they deserve.

Child Support

Whether you believe you are being paid too little or are paying too much child support, we can help. Our goal is to get a child support total that is best for you..

DHS Removal of Child Defense

We take pride in defending people accused of neglecting their children. Contact us as soon as possible, so we can reunite you with your child quickly.

Let Us Help You

Contact our team for professional legal help. You can speak directly with one of our experienced attorneys who will provide you with a free initial case consolation. We look forward to working closely with you to handle your case.